Every other week, we use our spotlight articles to introduce different members of the team across all six of our branches, Head Office, Lettings and our Land and New Homes department. When I say we “introduce” them, some have been with us for as long as 25 years, however this week’s spotlight is absolutely an… Read More

As a landlord, you are required by law to have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) carried out on the property you let, but did you know that from 1st April 2018 the Government will be applying a new law that requires all rented properties to be a minimum of an E rating. For the vast… Read More

With plummeting temperatures and shorter nights on the horizon, now is a great time for landlords to winter-proof a rental property. Our eight step checklist will help you achieve both an efficient home and happy tenants. Staying ahead of the game is essential to a successful investment for landlords, with routine property checks just part… Read More

Across our six branch network, we have a wide selection of properties that are currently available to let, with some becoming vacant this month, allowing for plenty of time to settle in before the festive season. We’ve highlighted just a few, but if you have certain rental requirements, please call our Lettings team on (01252)… Read More

Currently available to let, The Chapel House at the Convent combines elegance and character, with magnificent and unique features, paired with contemporary, stylish finishing in this recently renovated building. This unique property formed part of the original chapel in Farnborough’s iconic Convent, which is steeped in history. Founded in 1889 by the nuns of the… Read More

If you’re considering entering into the world of property investment, perhaps as a landlord, it’s important to look for a property that fulfils the needs of a prospective tenant, in addition to the all important matter of affordable and realistic rental rates. The likelihood is, in a similar fashion to when you’re buying a house, your… Read More

Set amidst 1.5 acres, this unique rental property relishes in character, charm and country views. The substantial property has much to offer, from endless living spaces to excellent commuter links. The charming home certainly has a lived-in feel, instantly making you feel at ease as you explore the light and airy living spaces. Individual designs, character… Read More

The Buy-To-Let sector has seen many changes over the past 12 months, with updated legislation directly impacting on the benefits and legal ramifications of being a Landlord. However, property still continues to be a popular and considerably beneficial investment, we’ve taken a look at some of the key reasons why. Low interest rates Unprecedented low… Read More

Another successful summer for lettings with August being our busiest month so far. The demand for rented accommodation continued through the summer and shows no sign of slowing down, this can be seen across all price ranges and areas that we cover. Farnborough has seen a lot of rental activity, with over half of all the… Read More

It’s not long before the tougher EPC guidelines, encouraging landlords to boost their properties energy efficiency ratings, come into place. This needn’t be time consuming or costly, Crawford Moxley of Surrey Assessors gives his expert view on how this can be easily achieved. As of April 2018, all rental properties must have an energy efficiency… Read More